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We work in partnership with you to fulfill your need for Tech Resources proficient in your domain, Powering your business Innovation.

Getting a resource who can tie up business needs and IT together is a big challenge. A bigger challenge is to meet the ever-changing IT landscape with new technologies, concepts and implementations which influence business outcomes.


Finding the right person to manage next generation projects is an involved task. It needs a person who can understand business requirements, conceptualize business flows and convert into digital world. And this journey needs a good and deep understanding of Next Gen technologies. At Srise we can help you get that right person.

Our Expertise is in:

Agile Transformation

Business Analysis

Business Systems Testing

Game Designer

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We at Srise have decades of experiences in IT services starting since about 1995.  We have seen the up and downs of IT and also seen it evolve from LAN to world wide web and now to Internet-Of-Things; and from a private computing to cloud computing. Using our collective experience at Srise we are best suited to help you find the right person as per your business needs who can understand next generation IT and can steer your next generation business requirements to its goal fulfilment and provide smooth digital transformation.

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First Choice for Next Generation Business Resource fulfillment.

We have a goal of becoming a pioneer in resource pool for next gen businesses.


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We will create partnership and not competition.


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We will adopt new methodologies and techniques to service our partner better

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